Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness

Dear fellow believers,

Yes, I bet you get a glimpse from the title about what I will elaborate here. Hope the next paragraphs will bless you. I have no writing skill at all. In fact I have never really had any diary as many girls do but this is not my “diary”, this is something I think, I should not keep only for myself. The “pressure” to share is getting more and this is it.

Matthew 6 : 19 – 34
This passage is subtitled : Do not worry. The “do not worry” phrase, as simple as it is… is one of the most comforting phrases ever throughout mankind history because it has reasons to be.

Day in day out, since mankind existed in this world, there are tasks to be done to ensure we prolong our existence. Food, drink, clothes, roof on top of our head, security, etc. These are not easy tasks. We are meant to work to meet those needs or else… perish. Today world makes it much more complex, many areas are defined as needs by our society such as : wealth, fame, power (in my opinion). We often time adopt those definitions and eventually allow it to be our constant conscience in everything we do. I acknowledged that I had once succumbed to this. And i am telling you it ain’t good, brought nothing but stress and tiring endless struggle. In the end, I stopped for a while and questioned myself in every possible fundamental areas I could think of and Matthew 6 came along as long term solution.

1. Identify and admit the cause
The stress, the sleepless nights and the tiring endless struggles were there because of increasing worry. Worry was there because I chose to fulfil those extended (but not necessary) “needs”. Then I evaluated why it was so important to me to achieve those secular things and the answer is I have simply drifted away so far from the truth God has once showed me that I created a huge open door for world’s values to be my identity. Matthew 6 : 19 has warned us all that we shouldn’t store up treasures that could be destroyed. Those extended needs were my treasures. And where my treasures are, there my heart is. So it was just the same that I longed for the world’s approval so I could fit in. But why would fitting in be so painful and so agonizing. It certainly is not worth it. So I asked for wisdom to solve this issue knowing that principles we have should be correct, should be proven, should be able to sustain us and coming generations.

2. Being open to resolve the issue
Matthew 6 : 25 is the first act I must do, that is to not worry. Easier said then done of course. It took me months to finally have it stuck in my heart and mind. Instruction to apply this correctly is Phillipians 4 : 6 – 7.
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
Highlited acts to do :
Do not be anxious, pray with thanksgiving. Notice it says being thankful first before we present our requests.
Higlighted result :
Peace of God will guard our hearts and minds.
So, friends, please just do it. Do not complicate it by our limited thoughts, just simply pray with thankful attitude first. I am telling you, it works again and again and again.

3. Set up the most important foundation.
This is where Matthew 6 : 33 comes in.
“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.”
Notice that this verse asks us to take the initiative to act : seek! Notice that one should not just sit around and hope the enlightenment would fall from the sky. We need to have the willingness to act upon it. To seek first. So just do it. As for me, since then, I commit to spend at least 15 minutes reading daily devotional. Whether I understand what the bible says to me that day or not, does not matter. Just read anyway. Pray to ask for revelation and how to apply. I admit most of the days I fail to comply what God wants me to apply. There are days I realize I am such a hypocrite. But nevertheless, this should not discourage us. Get up and move on. Evaluate ourselves on daily basis and ask for more strength and courage to obey. He does not want us to be a quitter.

What to seek then?
His kingdom and His righteousness. These are big words, you know.
He revealed to me the word KINGDOM.
A kingdom has a king. Bottom line : get to know the King. Means : get to know Jesus. He indeed is the king.
What is it to know about Jesus?
His characters, His attributes, His values, all of Him basically.
Why do we need to know Jesus?
Because we can’t afford to not know Him. Lose your life, live miserably duch as fake happiness, empty tortured hearts, etc, name them. Those of you that have been down that path know exactly what I mean.
Right after obeying these commandments, I found out that it is His approval that we all need and desire some more. In doing that, automatically we do not long for the world’s approval and acknowledgement (wealth, power, fame, status). When this principle is beginning to be more rooted in us, often time we find ourselves choose very different choices compared to secular parties. Yes, they will call us weirdo, stupid, etc, but rest assured, at this stage, you will realize, we won’t even be bothered by their opinions simply because they do not matter. In this stage we will all understand this life is not about us, the sun does not revolve around us, this life should be just about getting to be more Christ-like.

What would we get out of doing that?
O well, actually,  you will realize that you question less and less self-centered questions. You will begin to ask what you could do more to be better for Him and for others. This is an important turning point in which our obedience becomes snowball. The more it rolls, the bigger and faster it is, that obedience will become our habit. Such obedience then produces huge ripple effects in our lives… in good ways of course. This is where I understand “and all these things will be given to you as well”. Our basic needs, fulfilled, simply because we obey, and even more… His beautiful characters and attributes revealed to us. Try to apply those attributes, the reward is refreshing indeed to our hearts and souls. Example : be slow to anger, be eager to listen than to speak more words, be wise when we speak so it could be healing to others. Apply those in your relationships, and you will see good things come to you, and peace will reign your heart because you know you have obeyed.

So, that’s what I want to share. Hope it does not bore you to death and hope those who read benefit from this.

Disclaimer :
This is merely revelation I got from my own experience. I ain’t no theologian and not planning to be at all. Readers should always refer to bible for cross checks.